Michael Valentino

"Val” is an orchestral composer in the vein of Tangerine Dream, Enya, Hans Zimmer, & Vangelis.  With over 2,000 fans on Jango Internet Radio, as well as four composition awards from the Vh-1 supporting SONG OF THE YEAR:  International Music Competition Valentino has successfully managed to create entrancing soundscapes that are as majestic as they are beautiful.

Valentino is also head composer/music supervisor for Jersey Flix Productions, a Northern New Jersey-based independent film company.  By joining the creative team at Jersey Flix, Valentino has easily transitioned his gift for writing into creating the perfect score to undertone or even drive the emotional track of any scene.

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Awards Received


SEMI-FINALIST  - 2015 Song of the Year International Music Competition
Best Instrumental Track:  BESA

SEMI-FINALIST - 2013 Song of the Year International Music Competition
Best Instrumental Track:  The Seven Pools

RUNNER UP - 2011 Song of the Year International Music Competition
Best Instrumental Track:  Dreams of Escape

 FINALIST - 2009 Song of the Year International Music Competition 
- Best Instrumental/World Track:  Past Has Gone



WINNER - 2012 Oregon Film Festival - Best Short Film:  DAMAGED GOODS (Silver Trophy Award)

WINNER - 2012 Toronto International Film & Video Festival:  Best Comedy Short Film:  DAMAGED GOODS (Honorable Mention)


2015 ~ BESA -Crime Thriller Teaser Trailer - Vecchia Publishing
2014 ~ Somewhere Between - Drama- Rainbow Road Pictures
2014 ~ Another Normal Crazy Girl - Comedy- Jersey Flix Productions
2013 ~ The Power of Dreaming Small  -  Teaser Trailer - Fair Trade Teaneck
2013 ~ The Chronicles of A-Rod - Comedy - Clark Street Productions
2013 ~ Path -  Drama - Turnip Films
2013 ~ CORTACA The Movie:  Sports Documentary - ENEW Films
2012 ~ Damaged Goods:  Romantic Comedy - Jersey Flix Productions
2011 ~ Honored:  Comedy - Clark Street Productions


2015 ~ Interstellar (Cover Single)
2015 ~ BESA (Music From The Motion Picture)

2014 ~ Promontory:  The Last of the Mohicans Theme (Cover Single)

2014 ~ The Power of Dreaming Small (Promo Single)
2014 ~ Cortaca The Movie (Promo Single)
2013 ~ Flight (Single)
2013 ~ Fog Chaser
2013 ~ Dark Dreams EP (Writer: Haunted, Past Has Gone, A Lullaby for Memories)
2012 ~ Damaged Goods: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
2011 ~ Dreams of Escape
2011 ~ Honored: Music From the Motion Picture
2009 ~ Hymn to the Unknown
2008 ~ Diary of a Libra
2006 ~ Valkyrie EP 


2015 ~ Compositions Connecting The Spectrum (Composed music for software to aid individuals with Autism)
2014 ~ Afro Hip-Hop Instrumental (Work for Hire for Artist Akin Durosimi)
2014 ~ A Dark Theater:  A Memorial Day Tribute Concert (Performer:  “Diary of a Madman”, “Mr. Crowley” )

2014 ~Ray White Real Estate (Commercial Jingle)
2014 ~ Royals (Instrumental Cover Spoof for the "McRib")
2013 ~ CCS Fundraising for Independent Schools (Writer:  Flight.  Web Promo Spot)
2013 ~ Intercession: The Novel (Web Promo Spot)
2012 ~ Walk of the Red Wolf ( Writer: The Highlands)
2009 ~ San Diego Comic Con ( Writer:  Mock LOST Theme Entrant)
2009 ~ NJ Bergen County Earth Day Celebration ( Performer:  "Orinoco Flow", "Watermark" "Starboard", "Valley of the Kings", "Past Has Gone", "Mansion II")
2006 ~ NJ Music in the Park; A Benefit Concert (Performer:  "One", "Fade to Black")